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November 05, 2020

We're Retiring the Customers Page in Invoices & Bills

Since we launched our Invoices page early this year, we knew there would be a day when we would sunset the legacy Customers page that is part of our Invoices & Bills module.

While the page served many of our customers for a long time, it could no longer keep up with their growing businesses and needs. Both pages have been up for the last few months to give you ample time to transition over.

As of November 16, we will be retiring the Customers page in the Invoices & Bills module. This is now replaced by our Invoices page, where you can perform the same actions with much more functionality, including:

  • Inline actions like bulk select & export to speed up your invoicing process.
  • Warnings to remind you when required order documents are missing.
  • See tags for each order and invoice.
  • Customize filters and columns as a "Saved View" for quick access to your invoices.
  • View and filter all invoices that have been exported to QBO or Xero.

Learn more about how the Invoices page works here!

The Customers page will be removed entirely from the Invoices & Bills module and Rose Rocket on November 16th, 2020. 

We are actively working to improve the accounting capabilities of Rose Rocket, so look forward to more improvements to the Invoices & Bills module in the future!

For additional help or questions about this update, please reach out to the Rose Rocket support team or your account manager.

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