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May 20, 2021

Advanced Analytics - 5 New Reports

We are excited to deliver 5 new reports to help you analyze various aspects of your business. All reports give you the most up-to-date data down to the minute, and can be filtered to get the information you need.

These reports are available to all Admin users with Advanced Analytics. If you’re interested in turning this on or learning more about what data can do for your business, reach out to your Rose Rocket Account Manager.

New reports include:

1. Mode Summary (S)

Get a breakdown of all your orders by LTL, FTL, and cube. See the total order count by mode for each month as well as the total dollar amount billed for each order.

2. Orders / Origins / Destinations (T)

See your customers with the most orders broken down by mode (LTL, FTL, or cube) and use the map to drill down into the origins and destinations for your orders, as well as the spend calculated by miles and cost per pound for each.

3. On-Time Order Performance by Customer (U)

Analyze your service by seeing which orders are on-time, late, and early for each customer. Drill down into each customer to see who you're serving well, and where you can improve.

4. On-Time Leg Performance by Carrier (V)

Track the performance of your partner carriers to see which are strong and where there is room for service improvement. Drill down into each partner carrier by downloading the full data set.

5. Accounts Receivable (W)

This is one of our most requested reports. Easily see who owes you money, how long it's overdue, and drill down to specific invoices. Schedule reports for your full Accounts Receivables or specific customers to your team or customers by email.

In addition to these, check out the 13 other reports built in our latest reporting overhauls. Part 1 and Part 2.


  • This is available to every user with an Advanced Analytics license, which is an add-on. Users with this license can see the new changes with no additional cost or setup required.
  • Available in Production on Tuesday, May 25th, 2021
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