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June 02, 2021

🚚 Driver Calendar

Say goodbye to spreadsheets. Keep track of where your drivers are and when they’re available to work with the new Driver Calendar. See the manifest, location, and shift your drivers are working, and schedule time off when they're unavailable.

Why we think you'll love it:

  • Carriers all have their unique way of scheduling drivers. This gives you the flexibility to plan driver shifts based on the changing availability and preferences of your team.

  • Plan and dispatch more effectively by knowing what work your drivers are booked for, and schedule loads based on their location and hours worked. 
  • Improve communication between your dispatchers by having a single source of truth for driver scheduling and more context to make changes on the fly.

Here's how it works:

Shift View

This is where you log the shifts your drivers work and can see which manifests they are assigned to for a given time. From each Shift card, you can see the start and end locations your driver will be going to, as well as the duration of the trip, miles, manifest ID, and status of the manifest.

Availability View

This is where you log the time slots when your drivers are unavailable to work and have the option to include any notes and whether they're on vacation, sick, or at home. Grey blocks represent when a driver is unavailable to work, and white blocks show when a driver is available.

⭐️ New Improvements

  • Planning View: Check the availability of your drivers directly from the Manifest list or when adding a driver to a Manifest.
  • Expanded Details: Hover over a Shift card to see who is assigned to the Manifest, what order they're moving, start and end times, assigned equipment, miles, and duration.
  • Manifest Link: From a Shift card, you can use the link to go directly to the Manifest your driver is assigned to.
  • Tags & Filters: Use driver tags to organize your team and filter your drivers by them to schedule your trips more efficiently.
  • Available in Production: Tuesday, September 14th, 2021
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